Your Benefits

The Benefits a Great Listing Can Give to Your Website(s)

1. An authority link to your site

We realize how important search engine rankings are to your website so we’ve worked hard to help you get the most out of the great listing on our website. Only sites that pass our review process are added to our directory – But if a site passes our guidelines, we will trust the site owner enough to link out to deeper pages within this site via their Great listing page. We allow you to link to 10 separate external web pages from your Great listing personal page (see below image). With this page, you can truly showcase your products and services and deep link to specific pages to help our own visitors evaluate your website in more detail.

2. Be seen as a trusted website

We always give review notes to our Gold listings – these highlight how we review sites. We look for signs that a company is genuine. That means a full postal address and phone number that’s easy to find. Also we look for further signs of trust like testimonials / case studies / portfolios to indicate past work / services. If a site is selling items, we look for delivery and returns policies, and general terms and conditions. We thoroughly review each submission using our website that look for dozens of signals to show a company is legitimate.

3. We are a safe reference

Including your website in a quality, niche directory with a strict editorial process is a safe way to help market your site.

4. Your own profile page to showcase your business to our visitors

We will add your business as an article with unlimited words + unlimited pictures + unlimited tags + you choose your title and your article and email it to us and we will add it in maximum 24 hours.


Listing us give means that you will have do follow back links which help you to have a high page rank on google and the other search engines .

6. Share your social Media links

sharing your social media links as Facebook and twitter + google + are also included on the annual subscription and you can add them with your article .